To my filthy, amazing, supportive fans:

First off, thanks for all the sexy nude pictures. No, not the ones from the gay guys, but you guys are cool, too. I just ask that you don’t send me cock pics. Thanks for understanding. Regardless, I appreciate everyone for getting dirty with me!

You all know in the midst of my raunchy jokes, #askwingman Q & A, & comedy tour, I’ve been for the past year I’ve been posting endlessly on Twitter and Facebook about the release of my humorous, erotic, autobiographical novel “The Wingman Chronicles.” Well 9.6 is actually here and it’s now available to the masses. First off, I want to tell you this is an early digital release because I knew you guys  were sick of waiting, and I couldn’t stand the thought of you guys having to wait another minute.

Here’s how it went down. I was initially offered a book deal from a publishing house almost a year ago. They were ready to proceed with the partial amount I initially submitted as is but I knew I wasn’t finished writing and was given till February 1 to turn in my completed manuscript. I turned it in on December 23, 2011. The book release date was set by the publisher to be June 15, then pushed back to August 15. I understood it was all part of the process, and simply wanted what was best for the book. Then however it was pushed to October, and then, January. All along I submitted my manuscript and edits well over a month ahead of the deadlines laid forth in my contract. In July, however, things changed for me when the publisher decided it would be best to cut some of the filthier scenes in the book, citing they didn’t believe my female fans would approve. I said there’s no way I could do that to my fans especially the dirty girls who’ve been supporting me all along, and tend to like me better when I’m filthier. I’m not judging you dirty girls, I’m celebrating you.

So in mid-July I got out of my contract, therefore having two options.

One: Start looking for another publisher which would further delay you guys the chance to read my book.

Or Two: Self-publish.

Although I knew it would be much easier to have a publisher handling the business side of things, I decided it was time to learn what I could and above all else do my very best to get the book to my fans ASAP. So with the help of my editor Calen Spindler, who offered immense guidance, doing for me what Dr. Dre did for Eminem or Mutt Lange did for Def Leppard, we set 9.6 as an early digital release date for you guys.

This means you guys could read it now, with a couple clicks, on your kindle, computer, iPhone, iPod, iPad and I’m sure there’s some other I’s I’m missing.

Hardcovers, paperbacks, book signings, parties, and promotional comedy; tour that will all come soon. But for that to happen, I need all of you to go to Amazon, purchase the book—don’t pirate it or steal from a friend, it’s only $8.99—tell your friends to also purchase it, and leave me a review on Amazon.

That’s what it takes to blow up, and that is what it takes for me to be able to keep doing what I love, giving people an escape from the bullshit in their lives.

You want the next book? Well the plan is for it to be a series, and most of it’s written.

You want an #askwingman advice book about sex, dating relationships, creepin’? That’s written too.

You want to see me try my hand at a book outside of The Wingman brand? I already wrote two.

You want me to come perform in your town live and hang with you? I’d love to, but I need enough fans in your city that will buy tickets and come to the show.

You want a comedy album? It’s been recorded.

You want a TV show? The pilot has been shot, is being shopped, and future episodes are already written.

I will continue to hustle every day to make that happen, and do my very best to entertain you guys, make you laugh, give you advice, get to your cities, and provide an uncouth adventure for full of multiple orgasms. You guys are amazing—all of you—and here’s a special shoutout to the dirty girls, you made my stories happen, gave me my material, and kept me in business! However, it all comes down to this book blowing up to make everything happen, and that’s now in your hands.

Judging by the way the book’s selling so far, I have no doubt you’ll make that happen.

Thank you for your support!

“The Wingman” James Holeva

The Wingman Chronicles available on Amazon! Download, tell your friends, and leave a review!