Wednesday, May 25th 2011


Nicole E.

Why do guys need to force their dick down your throat while the girl is giving head?? We can do it! (without help)

Why do you like to hold our heads down when we’re munching your twat, and nibbling your clit? It’s all about control. It comes back to pushing the girl or guy you like when you’re on the playground in first grade.

Even when we’ve relinquished control (like when our dick’s between someone’s teeth), we still want to act like we have a little.

Honestly, it’s because a blowjob feels so fucking good and guys (people in general) are impatient and so they respond. Personally, I think when people learn to be patient they could have a hell of a lot more fun sexually. I am proud to say I know how to sit back, relax, and fully enjoy getting my cock sucked.

I guess laziness is good for something. It’s all in how you look at things.

However, while I know you girls could blow us without help, I think a lot of broads enoy having a dick forced down their throat… Just like they enjoy having their hair pulled or being thrown against the wall and having their clothes ripped off. As I say in my act (although I didn’t have time for this bit Wednesday night) “women want you to degrade them, but they want you to degrade them with class.”


Jenn Y.

What is the dirtiest place you ever had sex?

My ex girlfriend’s twat.



Have you ever had a threesome?

   Many… I enjoy a good threesome because of the team effort. A lot of guys will actually say… “You know a threesome isn’t really that good.” 

   That’s bullshit. Two broads are messing around with each other, and pleasuring you… That’s like saying an all you can eat buffet isn’t that good.

   Obviously there’s higher levels of all-you-can eat buffets, just like there’s higher levels of pussy… But as long as you don’t see the effects of disease set in until the next day, I see no reason why either all you can eat buffet wouldn’t be one of the greatest nights of your life.

   What’s hard, besides your cock, is the pressure. For many guys pleasing one woman is a high pressure task, you add a second broad to the mix and you have the responsibility of a Don in the middle of a mafia war. It’s this fantasy for so long that so much anticipation is involved that guys expect too much. Don’t stress, don’t worry, don’t freak out… You’re banging two chicks. What could be better?

   Have your fun, realize how awesome the adventure is, but know that who really has the most pleasure are the girls. You’re just the opening act. After you cum get the fuck out of the way, have a Gatorade and enjoy the headliner’s performance. If you’re lucky you’ll get invited back for an encore.

   For obvious reasons I prefer two broads, but I’ve also enjoyed myself in a strictly hetero two-guy, one girl train… You could read more about that right here. Let’s get creepin’.






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