Degrade Her… With Class!

 By James Holeva

Obscenities and hair pulling keep the pussy wet.

Suck my dick bitch!

To my ex-girlfriend that was like saying I love you.

When I’d peer into those gorgeous brown eyes, hold her tight, and speak those magical words a flurry of juices would erupt from her pussy while a sweet warm feeling filled her stomach as she’d smile, blush, and sigh as she shrugged her shoulders.

It’s because the truth was in the subtext. What she was really interpreting was: “You’re amazing. You’re so perfect in every way. I wanna make you feel good. So suck my dick bitch!”

As you could see, I’m a bit of a translator.

In my experience, broads love to be treated like dirty whores … behind closed doors. Obscenities, hair-pulling, spanking and choking have a way of keeping the pussy dripping wet.

In the bedroom, backseat, or bathroom stall, a girl wants you to degrade her … But she wants you to degrade her with class. When your penis is inside her she doesn’t want to hear you recite a love sonnet, she’d prefer a filthy haiku.

Suck that cock, bitch. Suck it good. Are you my dirty little whore? Bend over bitch. Who’s daddy’s little slut? I’m gonna pound your pussy you crack whore!

You know, terms of endearment.

Damn sex is fun. Girls get into the dirty talk.

If you’re not getting a broad off it could be because you aren’t treating her like a common trollop. She wants to be wooed, respected and connected with, and when the doors are closed and the clothes are off, she wants you to treat her like trash. The illusion of being used for sex is very hot when a girl cares about someone.

I know guys are known for being sick, but girls are honestly worse than we ever could be. They’re just coy about it.

And a sexually liberated woman wants a guy just as fucked up as she is so she feels comfortable being herself. There’s enough pussy guys in the world. A girl wants a guy with swagger who takes charge, tells her she’s beautiful, throws her against the wall, rips her clothes off, and rapes her… Consensual rape of course.

There are a great many broads trapped in relationships where they feel like they can’t be themselves out of fear of what their partner might think. How sad. Don’t let your girl suffer the same fate.

That’s the problem with guys today, they make it all about them. And it’s got to stop! If you want your girl to suck your cock and have a good time, then step up and treat her like a whore.

Connect with her, have a deep conversation, and show the broad off.  You’ve been all over each other all night, the clothes are off, now it’s time for the headline act. She wants you to suck her tits, squeeze her ass, lick her stomach and slap your cock off her face. She wants you to talk dirty, slap her ass, pull her hair, and fuck the shit out of her.

For God’s sake, treat her like a whore. She deserves it.

Then afterward you lay together, cuddle, and kiss softly until you fall asleep. That’s the perfect night for a girl. It’s all part of the process.

Guys strike out at getting a girl off when they make it all about them.

Are their exceptions? Of course. Sadly some girls are sexually conservative and still not fully comfortable letting the inner whore simmer to the surface, and will think you’re a disgusting pervert and spread your horrible words to her friends. If that’s the case just shut the fuck up, stick your dick in, and enjoy the ride. It’s what she wants.

As in all matters of creepin’, sex is about observation and reading what a girl wants. But in most cases if you degrade a woman the right way, show her it really is about her, and make her feel sweet and dirty at the same time… You’ll have the best sex of your life.

If you want to please your girl, and have her please you even more, have the balls to be a classy guy and say “suck my dick bitch!”


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A guide to handling crazy bitches


I like crazy bitches — girls who are fucking nuts. Psychos, stalkers, convicted felons — oh, that’s what I look for. Give me a girl who belongs in an institution and I let my guard down, and give her my heart.

Crazy bitches are like cocaine. They’re sexy, exciting, they make your heart race, they’ll let you take them in the bathroom, when they’re gone you want more, when you wake up you’re depressed, and they ultimately put you in the hospital. I know, Charlie Sheen told me.

Only difference between cocaine and crazy bitches, is crazy bitches don’t make your dick small. Which is why my addiction is crazy bitches. When it came the time in my life to choose an addiction it was like crazy bitches are legal, but far more hazardous to your health, but they make your dick big and hard. And coke is exciting and dangerous, but makes your dick small and flaccid.

Hmm… I’m gonna go with crazy bitches. That decision was easier than picking which crazy bitch to bang on a given day.

Do I want blonde, brunette… Big tits, small tits… Her to drug my drink, or stab me? If she drugs my drink the death is easy and painless, where as if she tries to stab me I have a good chance of fighting her off, and I’d get a good workout in too. Some people do yoga, others box or do martial arts… I fight for my life, every day, against beautiful women.


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