The Wingman: High Class Player Teaser

By James Holeva

I may be a player, but I’m not “The Situation,” I’m Sinatra.

Just because I enjoy the company of many different women, and I have the skills to make that happen, don’t lump me in with those those low class, hack, wannabe Jersey Shore type players. I’m a high class player with the swagger and style of an old-school gentleman.

Like The Ratpack making the rounds in Vegas… What I may lack in crooning ability, I make up for by knowing what to say.

You’ll often hear a girl preach to a friend about the ills of a player, but ladies, why wouldn’t you want a player?

He knows how to treat a lady, woo a lady, fuck a lady…

Would you prefer a man who knows what he’s doing or a bumbling idiot who has no idea what to say or how to act? Let alone where to put his dick, or how to use his tongue?

Sex is one thing. A skilled lover is nice. But do you want a charming guy with confidence and swagger who knows how to open the door, compliment you, and sweep you off your feet? Or do you want a guy who doesn’t have the balls to look you in the eye, and make a move?

In most jobs, they look for real world business experience, why should dating be any different?

Look for “The Wingman Chronicles” hitting book stores in next year to read the rest of the story!


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  1. Love this post!!! The best i’ve read yet!!! 😉

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