“I Don’t Know What I Want” Teaser

When a girl says “I don’t know what I  want” that’s really just an unselfish way of saying “I want it all.”

Have you ever had a girl you hit it off with so perfectly, so instant, that it was like you knew each other forever even though you just met?

Were you talking constantly, seeing each other all the time, and getting serious without even knowing it?

You know, it just felt so good… for both of you. Right away, you had a girl you were attracted to and got along with. You two could have a blast doing anything, or absolutely nothing.

You talked all the time, and found out everything about each other. When you hung out, it was like you were in your own music video together. Immediately, you were best friends.

When something happens so good, so quick, it’s amazing and rare. It’s something I haven’t seen too many people truly experience.

It’s like taking a vacation from your life. But did you ever have that vacation come to an abrupt end, for no reason at all?

Girls will change their mind completely and suddenly throw out the old “I don’t know what I want.”

They try to be nice, or at least act like they’re trying to be nice by saying it. But it hurts like hell, doesn’t it?

Things will be absolutely perfect and then the threat of ONE person (who might be around for a while) sets in, and they realize they aren’t ready for the game to be over just yet. However, at the same time, they don’t want to lose you.

A lot of times it’ll take an instance for something to happen, a guy flirting with them or asking them out. That makes them realize “oh my God, I might miss something… I don’t know what I want.”


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