Wingman’s Sex Therapy Teaser

Although I’ve never had a problem closing broads you all know lately I’ve been having my own issues with a sometimes lesbian, usually bisexual, always crazy bitch.

My ex-girlfriend, who I’d been seeing every day for the relationship stuff, after a day time fuck last week cried to me with the news that she’s a lesbian. That’s a shock when things seemed perfect. It was like a Nun telling me she just gave me herpes.

While we had a few days of intense arguments and haven’t hooked up since her “coming out party” we’re back to our general closeness, we never missed a day of talking, and she’s shown flashes of having great sexual interest in me once again.

A devout reader was kind enough to reach out to me offering her unabashed wingwoman’s perspective. It comes via Kylie, a former radio sex therapist, who has appeared on The Bear, 97 BHT, 98.5 KRZ, and Rock 107. In fact, Kylie is the first to admit that she too is a “crazy bitch” who although straight has no problem playing with the girls from time to time.

“She’s absolutely 100 percent not a lesbian,” Kylie said of my crazy bitch. “It’s a combination of the shock value of getting the attention that she needs, and pushing away from her true emotions about the situation.”


Look for “The Wingman Chronicles” hitting book stores in next year to read the rest of the story!


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