Players are ideal boyfriends Teaser


Often times people think players are incapable of getting attached but that is completely untrue.

As lotharios, we want to have a good time and enjoy uncouth adventures, but when that rare connection that isn’t based on sex comes along, we get more obsessed and enthralled than most people ever could because we know it’s real.

While we’re confident that we’ll always find girls to hook up with, hang out with, and have fun with; while we know we’ll always be able to find other relationships, we’re scared to death that we’ll never have a connection of that magnitude again.

“Once players find someone they could connect to and find that somebody that gets them, they get a strong attraction to them,” said my sex therapist Kylie, who’s been heard on radio stations The Bear, 97 BHT, 98.5 KRZ and Rock 107. “They become intensely attached because they don’t think that anyone else is gonna get them. All the other girls are meaningless whores and hos.”

Players enjoy the thrill of the chase and the seduction, but the reason we rarely get attached is because we’re not just going to fall in love with any girl who talks to us, or any broad we think is hot.


Look for “The Wingman Chronicles” hitting book stores in next year to read the rest of the story!


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