Remembering Tink’s Slopisodes Teaser

Moments before 2 a.m. and bodies were strewn across the floor, people bent over and passed out, the mirror-less bathroom in shambles as if Custer’s Last Stand just culminated.

A coherent sentence was nearly impossible to find in the grimy warzone, as conversation was at this point limited to slurred garblings even a most astute translator couldn’t comprehend.

It was just another drunken night at Tink’s Entertainment Complex in downtown Scranton, where the devoted partiers were incapacitated by the venue’s popular penny drink happy hour. Now the Linden Street institution is history as Hardware Bar gets ready to take over with a New Year’s Eve Grand Opening Thursday.

So I’ve decided to remember the sloptacular memories where I walked through the ravaged battlefield, enjoying sloppy public displays of horniness and suffering unexplained bar injuries.

Tink’s was nearly impossible to get thrown out of. You could stab a guy and the bouncers would be like: “Just keep your distance from him, and don’t do it again.”

It was a badge of honor (or dishonor) to get dirty enough to get the boot. I remember some regulars who managed to get the “lifetime ban” constantly, but within a couple weeks the place probably found it was losing too much money and brought them back.


Look for “The Wingman Chronicles” hitting book stores in next year to read the rest of the story!


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